ED4134 outline

Item 3: Design a multimedia Blog

Due Wednesday 7th April


Students are encouraged to make an effort to contribute to discussions, debates and skills workshops, assist other students as appropriate, reflect on theoretical readings and class activities and complete the appropriate e-journal reflection (blog) entries prior to tutorials (except for the first blog entry which will be shown in the second workshop).

You are asked to reflect on the readings in a dedicated blog environment demonstrated in class. You are not expected to agree with all your readings or workshops. Feel free to write down what you do not agree with, but more  importantly, why you do not agree. Support your comments with either the readings or other research. (Don’t forget to use references.)

Your postings need to address two main types of reflection:

· Descriptive Reflection: this can involve describing what has been seen, heard and experienced;

· Critical Reflection: this can involve elements of evaluating, self-analysing, contesting, appraising and planning for the future;


To learn more about levels of reflection writing, go to page 459 of this paper:



Hegarty, B. (2009). Leading practitioners stepwise through the murky waters of reflective practice. In Same places,

different spaces. Proceedings Ascilite Auckland 2009.


There is a specific focus for each blog entry, namely:


1. ICT current trends (ie. IWBs)

2. Digital natives debate

3. ICT as a cognitive tool (ie. Webquests)

4. Social constructivism

5. Learning Design (ie. LAMS)

6. Pedagogical beliefs and ICT Integration

(ie. Ertmer and Brown)

The second part of your blog – Part B focuses on the enrichment of your blog so that it caters for a range of learning styles which are suited to an online active learning environment. Your blog must include the following items:


_ A selection of graphics / images

_ A Video Clip

_ A sound file

_ A graphic organiser

_ An online Game (ie. Learning Object)

You also need to address the following questions for each item:

_ Which learning style/s does this ICT support?

_ How could this ICT be implemented as a good cognitive tool within the learning


_ How is this ICT enabling the development of creativity?

The URL for this blog must be submitted electronically into Blackboard by 4pm on the due date.

A rubric for each assessment item is attached to this outline and is available via the Student Portal.

All assignments are due by 4pm on the due date. More specifically, they should be submitted electronically by this time.

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