2. Digital natives debate

Below is a videoclip to a song “i need my teachers to learn”, it is a funny and quirky video on the Digital Natives frustration to their teachers. Enjoy!


There are many blogging pages, discussions and studies on the debate of Digital Natives versus Digital Immigrants. There seems to be an equal divide either agreeing or disagreeing with Marc Prenskys’ 2001 ‘Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants’ paper.
Marc Prensky is the creator of the word ‘Digital Native and Immigrant’.
       He has defined Digital natives are said to be people who have grown up in a world of computers and 21st century technologies.
      People who are considered Digital immigrants grew up before the digital age and have had to learn how to use technologies later in their life.
Prensky has said “Digital immigrant teachers assume that learners are the same as they have always been, and that the same methods that worked for the teachers when they were students will work for their students now. But that assumption is no longer valid. Today’s learners are different.”

It seems to me that Prensky overly emphasizes the differences between his two groups and de-emphasizes the similarities.
He makes it appears that the Digital Natives, grow up reading very little and engaging with digital media a whole lot more, this does not mean that they are illiterate or unresponsive to traditional forms of teaching and learning.
According to Prensky, Digital Immigrants are attempting to teach the Digital Natives with methods that are no longer valid.


“Unfortunately,” he says, “no matter how much the Immigrants may wish it, it is highly unlikely the Digital Natives will go backwards. In the first place, it may be impossible—their brains may already be different”

There are many other factors that make you become a Digital Native (and Immigrant) and not just the date you were born.
What happens if you have both the desire and the skills in technology, no matter what your age, what will you be called?

I believe there are many other factors that contribute to being a Digital native/ Immigrant, like: culture you were born and live in, the date you were born, determination andwant for technology, need for technology as in your job or lifestyle and lastly the society you live in.

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